DJ Mixing : The art of blending two or more musical tunes in compliance to their rhythms and melodies together. It has since not only crafted many top notch talents and well known artists in the production industry, but has also groomed many musically - inclined home-base enthusiasts on their individual creativity, innovation and musicality.

Since the birth of the Technics SL 1200 Turntable and the release of experimentally mixed tracks such as Grandmaster Flash On the wheels of Steel in the early eighties, disco mixing has then being seen with a revolutionary switch from simple deck-to-deck mixing to more sophisticated special effects and manual scratchings that involve flawlessly-dedicated hand manipulation on the playing records.

With technological breakthroughs and continuous introduction of high tech mixing products ranging from DVS Systems, Midi Controllers, Live production softwares to samplers and special effectors... mixing is no longer the story of 2 turntables and a mixer. It’s all about the whole set-up and the creativity of the DJ behind the equipment.

The United DJ Mixing School was founded in 1993 with the aim of uniting the finest DJ’s in Australia to form One of the first structured DJ School. The original classes were a joint venture with DMC Australia and our first instructors included many DMC Champions. Within this time we have experimented and undergone changes to come up with a perfect formula for the students to obtain optimum results, have fun, make contacts, and most of all learn from the experiences of many established DJ’s. After 10 Years of operating the most successful and longest running DJ School in Sydney, the crew has branched out to Melbourne for the long overdue expansion of the School.

Within the last 2 decades the United DJ Mixing School has invited many international guests to teach the art to the young aspiring DJ's in Sydney. Guests have included legends that started this whole DJ Culture such as Jam Master Jay (RIP), Jazzy Jay, and Kool Herc. Members of DJ Crews that are advancing the art of turntablism all over the world such as The Beat Junkies, The Allies, Invisible Skratch Picklz, and The X-Ecutioners. Internationally acclaimed Producers such as DJ Revolution and Lenny Dee. And almost every World DJ Champion including D.J. Cash Money, Q Bert, Roc Raida, Noise, A-Trak, Craze, Plus One, and Dopey to name a few.

Locally we have had the honor of having the finest and most respected DJ's in Australia teaching at our school. Our huge list of working graduates speaks for itself and our success rate is unparalleled. We would like to congratulate the following very talented past graduates for their achievements ...

Our very successful and talented past graduates (sydney)

Naiki (Sydney's renown Hip Hop DJ - Good Bar, Cave, etc.)
Jools (Gas Night Club, Martins Records)
Dave Forward (Acid Bunny, Ice Box)

Adam Clarke (established 'In The Groove Records')

Somatic (The Globe)

Dion (Sugarreef)

Tony Spenser (Various Raves)

Tony (Promoter - Ice Box)

Sani (3 Weeds Hotel, Q Bar)

Rajh (DJ/ Producer)

Sam G (The Venue, Penrith)

Anthony Anbu (Club Hilton - FIJI)

Daniel Suwenda (Working at all major Clubs in Bali)

Mark McInnes (DCM, Gold Coast, DMC Sound and Lighting)
CoCo (DJ/ Promoter - Flava Under 18's)
Benny B (DJ Promoter - Climax Under 18's, Supafly Harbourcruise)
Joe Corte (Various Clubs in Oxford Street and Many Successful Under 18 Events)
Gavin Bright (DJ's at many Oxford Street Clubs and owns 'CD Pool Australia')
Dan (Placed Second in the NSW Technics DJ Championships)
Tim (DJ for Local acts such as Antenna, Coda, and now Co-Producing with South End)
Disc (Chasers - Gold Coast)
Tarek (GW - Penrith, now working in London)
DJ Carlos (DJ/ Manager of BJ's Night Club, Bondi Junction)
DJ Dizza (Recently placed 3rd in the NSW DMC Championships)

DJ Forte (Joseph Maroun - established a school named 'The Sydney DJ School' for 2 years)
DJ Subway (Simon Lampough - DJing at Various clubs Japan, and also now teaching at our School)
Nick Jovicic (Earned his first gig at Ice Box in 2001 and now operates a DJ School)
and many more who we have not named and pursued their career professionally and achieved Resident Job Placements.

Check our YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/djsunited or www.vimeo.com/djschool to see students from Melbourne performing at their Graduation Night.