Student Profile - DJ Klueless

What/who inspired you to be a DJ?
Daft Punk, I watched one of their videos on you tube mixing live around the world and harder better stronger song, putting one song on top another. It made the audience go crazy and I thought that maybe some day I could become a producer (or a remixer) and sort of do whatever they did in different style of music. 

What do you enjoy most about Djing?
Being able to share my favorite type of music in front of everyone, where in one place a group of different people can enjoy the same type of songs, and most of all is to have fun doing the thing I really enjoy.

When you are not working which DJs would you go to see (Locally and internationally)?
Locally, I always wanted to see B2wo, performing scratch live beside the things he taught in the class. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to, as for international DJs - Tiesto, daft punk, etc. the list is endless.

What genre do you prefer to play at the moment?
At the moment, I prefer playing happy hardcore and funky house.

Do you prefer Vinyl, CD, or Midi Controllers and why?
I prefer CDJs, I am more comfortable playing my style of musics (HH and FH) on a set of CDJs. When the style of song I prefer to play changes (maybe dubstep, RnB, or Hip Hop), then turntables is certainly an option. As for the Midi Controllers, I have not had the chance to get my hands on them yet, but I’ve seen awesome DJs use Midi to give an extra kick on their mixes.

Top 5 All time Favorite tracks?
- Wisdom (The Entity) 
- Supersonic (Dougal, Gammer and Chris Fear)
- Hardcore Syco (Squad E & MC Storm)
- Rave Forever (S3RL & Tamika) - Australia With Force
- Eastern Sea (Lumin8 & Cheever) - Australia With Force

Top 10 Current favorite tracks?
- Its really hard to say, I have a separate folder on my iTunes that has all my favorite songs and most of these are HH songs. Songs are played in random and I listen to all of them whenever Im traveling.

Are you working on any current projects at the moment?
- Myself and a few other DJs are working on a group called Bass Wizards, our first gig is called Under The House which will be launched at Sub Lounged (168 Elizabeth St.) on the 30th of June 2011. Despite the priorities (school, work and other important things), we still do a weekly meeting to discuss our strategies towards Under the House and (hopefully) other gigs in the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Out there, doing things I like the most - DJing.

Any shoutouts?
The DJ Battle 2011 Volume 1 set is dedicated to Ann Pham.

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